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  The premature death of a parent can be devastating for young children—with the consequences far more profound when the parent dies by suicide. Amidst the resulting grief, turmoil and confusion, the surviving parent is faced with the monumental task of tending to the emotional lives of the children left behind.

While many books have been written for grieving families, very few focus on the specific needs encountered by children and teens coping with the suicide of a parent. After a Parent’s Suicide: Helping Children Heal addresses the issues every family must face following the trauma of suicide. In this instructive and impassioned work, longtime children’s bereavement counselor and psychotherapist Margo Requarth, M.A., M.F.T., offers pathways through the despair, confusion and fear that follow.

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Starting with the haunting tale of her own mother’s suicide, Requarth weaves together her experience counseling “survivors,” poignant interviews with children, teens and parents, and the latest research on suicide and its aftermath. What emerges is a groundbreaking “how-to” guide for parent survivors and others who care for young people: how to manage both the immediate and long-term implications of the suicide, how to talk to children and teens about what has happened, how to see them through the heart-rending anguish to a place of acceptance, healing, and finally, a renewed and deepened capacity for joy.
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"Extraordinary ....a unique treasure-trove teeming with ideas to guide caregivers as they help children grow through the heartache of their loss." -- Karen Dunne-Maxim, R.N., M.S. Past President American Association of Suicidology. Co-Editor: Suicide and Its Aftermath: Understanding and Counseling the Survivors.